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CURRENT FEATURED ARTISTS and their work for sale in the EYA Space

Nick Berardi II

"My logo is an anvil with an eye. It represents vision, seeing beyond the raw metal and into the possibilities of what can be created."

Nick Berardi: Professional Metal Artist, Blacksmith, Custom Metalwork Designer & Fabricator of Kansas City for 35 years

EYA is very proud to be home to Nick Berardi's studio it is a privelage to showcase his work in our gallery. Nick, a retired firefighter, now pursues a full-time career as a metal artist/sculptor, blacksmith and welder specializing in metal fabrication. Nick designs, builds, melds and mallets raw metal into beauty and art. Creating functional and decorative art pieces, Nick has developed his talents into a wide range of metalworking skills giving a foundation of experience to handle many custom metal working requests. Creating and forging custom metal art and functional decorative pieces for the home, office or firehouse, you can see works and sculptures created by Nick Beradi in the community of Kansas City.

The pieces on display and for sale in the EYA gallery feature a variety of his small sculpture forging work to larger welding, fabrication sculptors and wall art including a fireman bust Fireman bust welded, forged and sculpted from 16 gage sheet steel and 5.5' tall called Tough Long Tour previously on display for 12 years at the Firehouse Headquarters in Kansas City.

Nick is a member of BAM, the Blacksmith Association of Missouri and ABANA, the Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America.

Eric Doucette

Beautifully hand crafted tinted plaster reliefs, plaster built up in layers and detailed by hand, it's amazing to see that no paint was used.

Eric Doucette: Kansas City artist, painter and faux finisher with over 15 years experience.

With over 15 years experience, his focus is providing clients with creative finishes unique for their home or business. His painted finishes include murals, faux finishes, wood graining, glazing, and custom hand-drawn designs. Other applications he provides are metallic leaf and metal patina finishes, antiquing and distressed finishes, concrete staining, plaster finishes and faux stone.

Steve Wilson

"My work is about the discipline of noticing the presence of grace in every detail. Every day, in every space there exists the possibility of the simple unseen visual pleasure..."

Steve Wilson: Working Professional Photographer of 34 years that uses various non-silver, alternative, and historical processes for his work.

EYA is also proud to feature the work of Kansas City photographer Steve Wilson. His work is held in the collections of the former Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge Mass; the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Hallmark Fine Art Collection, the Hallmark Photography collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, in our very own Kansas City and other private collections.

The pieces on display and for sale in the EYA gallery feature work from his Ambropoetica collection, created by utilizing the Wet Plate Collodion Process, including several 11x14 prints and some interesting larger prints. Even a print from his body of work created in collaboration with noted horror photographer Joshua Hoffine based on the short story, "Innsmouth", by author H.P. Lovecraft. Neat.